Definitely promise to possibly pick up the pace on these perhaps maybe.

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125/365 The After Effects User Interface and the back of Tim Marriott. 15 mins whilst rendering. Uniball micro. Notebook: Ethel.
126/365 Trying that thing where you include yourself in the picture, like that other person but not as good. Started with my hand and ended up with a very distorted version of my front room. Repurposed a page with an unfinished mind map on rigging in maya (the fourth in a series hence it petering out). V-ball. 15 mins Notebook: the very-soon-to-retired Ethel.
127/365 Fairly rapid rendition of handmade jug still life. Time is limited. 5 mins Uni-ball eye micro Notebook: Myrtle
128/365 Piano, Guitar, Drum-machine, Stool. 20 mins Pencil and Uniball Eye Micro. Notebook: Myrtle.
129/365 Very gnarly old tree. Black Stabilo point 88. 10 mins Notebook: Myrtle
130/365 Got a lift into work today, therefore car drawings. Uniball micro Notebook: Myrtle
131/365 Dormer window in the new bit of the house. Drawn whilst waiting for previously mentioned lift. Uniball micro. 7 mins Notebook: Myrtle


The back of this photo is marked 1966.

The last time we spoke was a year ago today on my birthday last year. I keep meaning to tell you things that you would like to hear forgetting for a moment that you’re not there anymore. But the children are all doing well, especially the two who started the new school and you’d be proud of all of them. We’re off out to see the fireworks with Dad tonight and I wish you could be with us. Sleep well, Mum. x