Definitely promise to possibly pick up the pace on these perhaps maybe.

As always you can get instant updates on the Instagram.

125/365 The After Effects User Interface and the back of Tim Marriott. 15 mins whilst rendering. Uniball micro. Notebook: Ethel.
126/365 Trying that thing where you include yourself in the picture, like that other person but not as good. Started with my hand and ended up with a very distorted version of my front room. Repurposed a page with an unfinished mind map on rigging in maya (the fourth in a series hence it petering out). V-ball. 15 mins Notebook: the very-soon-to-retired Ethel.
127/365 Fairly rapid rendition of handmade jug still life. Time is limited. 5 mins Uni-ball eye micro Notebook: Myrtle
128/365 Piano, Guitar, Drum-machine, Stool. 20 mins Pencil and Uniball Eye Micro. Notebook: Myrtle.
129/365 Very gnarly old tree. Black Stabilo point 88. 10 mins Notebook: Myrtle
130/365 Got a lift into work today, therefore car drawings. Uniball micro Notebook: Myrtle
131/365 Dormer window in the new bit of the house. Drawn whilst waiting for previously mentioned lift. Uniball micro. 7 mins Notebook: Myrtle


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