Ballard formed the ‘novel’ from scientific and technical material cut from professional literature such as Chemical and Engineering News (Ballard then worked for the journal of the Society of Chemical Industry). Letters, words and sentence fragments are pasted onto backing sheets with glue. Their design visually references everyday media, with headlines, body text and double-page spreads suggesting a magazine layout. Originally Ballard planned to display the work on billboards, as if it was a public advertisement.

From the British Library.

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Blickfang: Bucheinbände und Schutzumschläge Berliner Verlage 1919–1933

Illus. and design by Oskar Garvens, book cover, Germany, 1925

Illus. and design by Oskar Garvens, book cover, Germany, 1925


This massive book features a thousand images, and it was not easy to select only twenty-five. Graphic design titans like Jan Tschichold, George Salter, Herbert Bayer, and Herbert Matter rub shoulders with Hans Bellmer, John Heartfield, Hanna Hoch, and a gaggle of Expressionists and Dadaists. It’s an overwhelming visual feast summed up by new favorite German word “Blickfang”: “eye catcher.””

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British Style Genius

Recently at BDH, myself and the very clever and splendid Orla Handley made the titles for the up coming BBC series “British Style Genius“. The first episode of which goes out 21:00hrs, 7th October on BBC TWO (that’s in the UK only as far as I know).

Handley did the designing, editing, crazy-bonkers stop frame animation etc. I made CGI threads, worked out how to fit them with the stop frame, some compositing, a bit of camera holding, frowning, pointing, and occasional fetching stuff.

After the initial building of the sequence Handley went on to produce five separate colorways, to match the style of each episode of the series, which all deal with different sections of British fashion history.

This means everyone must watch all five episodes to fully appreciate the total awesomeness of this title sequence.

Update 1: BSG Featured in Broadcast
Update 2: On Cartoon Brew (Thanks Amid)
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Update 4: British Style Genius wins the RTS