“Transmissions From Uranus” by Man or Astro-Man (1995)

—sound clip—from It Conquered the World ( 1956 )

Lee Van Cleef: – There, do you have any idea what your listening to?
Peter Graves: – London Philharmonic?
Lee Van Cleef: – It’s Venus.
Peter Graves: – Huh?
Lee Van Cleef: – Venus.
Peter Graves: – Why not? We’ve bounced signals off the Moon surface, there’s no reason that Venus shouldn’t radiate impulses.
Lee Van Cleef: – No, I don’t mean the static. Can’t you hear it; the other thing?
Peter Graves: – What other thing?
Lee Van Cleef: – Listen to it, Paul. Listen to the voice.

via thesweetestpsychopath

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