…on tumblr.

Well that’s something.

I started this as a scrapbook, largely for myself, so never really set out to get lots of followers, and as I have said before, I post stuff largely on gut instinct rather than any thought through policy or pre conceived plan (apart from not going too NSFW). But then I suppose one plan is to find out where my head is at generally, in the way I used to with actual “scrapbooks”.

It does mean a lot to me that there are so many people that have found this particular internet snail trail worthy of following, and, most of all, that amongst those there are people who I am proud to say have become actual friends.

So a big love out to you guys.

Although I don’t follow everybody back, I do try to check everyone out from time to time, I have a lot on my plate in general, so the time I spend here is limited and if things go well for me, may be getting less (but that is a good thing, it’ll mean I’m making more stuff!).

Anyways, thank you tumblr, thank you tumblrs.

Always yours



(cross posted on tumblr)

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