At the Zoo (first animal in)

  • 8 year old: What are these maps?
  • Parent: Well, the red shows where in the world flamingos actually live.
  • 8 year old: Why do they live in those places.
  • Parent: Well I think it might be because all those place are hot and damp, so there’s water, they like water.
  • 8 year old: It’s not red where we live.
  • Parent: No, they don’t normally live in England.
  • 8 year old: So why are they here.
  • Parent: Well, people brought them here, built them this enclosure, and they get fed everyday.
  • 8 year old: Oh…
  • 8 year old: So they’re trapped.
  • Parent: Um..well…yes…I suppose they are.
  • 8 year old: >>wanders off giggling to herself<<

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