This is Huckleberry.

…He was the “work dog” in that he was part owned by one of the bosses and spent time a lot of time at work wandering around the building.

I grew up with dogs but I wasn’t as close to him as a lot of people were, and over the ten years I knew him, we mostly kept a respectful distance.

One particular afternoon, I had had a few of bits of bad news one after the other and was struggling to keep it together, the people I would normally talk to either couldn’t to talk to me or were unavailable, so I sat in the corridor for a few minutes as I felt the world sliding away from me.

Huckleberry came into the corridor and stood looking at me for a few seconds, then after checking the coast was clear he came over and rested his chin on my knee.

Huckleberry passed away on Sunday, he was 13 years old, he had a very aggresive tumour and he died in his sleep on the operating table.

We all miss him very much.


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