Too Art for TV – 5

Too Art for TV – 5

New York’s Fifth Fine Art Exhibit for the Animation Industry Group Exhibition
March 25th through April 23rd, 2011

Opens Friday March 25th, 6:30pm-9:30pm

at EREBUNI, 158 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 VIEWING HOURS: FRI 4-8pm, SAT & SUN 2-8PM
(via bunnycutlet)

Martin Abrahams
Liz Artinian
Amanda Baehr-Fuller
Jennifer Batinich
Chris Beaumont
Robbie Busch
Jimmy Calhoun
Greg Condon
Kelly Denato
John R. Dilworth
Maya Edelman
Chris Fisher
Chris George
Paul Greer
Kaori Hamura
Jen Hill
Christy Karacas
Peter J. Lazarski
Todd K. Lown
Richard Mather
Jessica Milazzo
Brad Mossman
Michael Mucci
Justin Offner
Laurie O’Brien
Chris Palesty
Deo Pangandoyon
Sasha Parmasad
Dan Pinto
Isam Prado
Lynne Pritchard
Chris Prynoski
Michael Ricca
Derek Rippe
Tim Shankweiler
Justin Simonich
Machi Tantillo
Martin Wittig

Unfortunately, I can’t make the opening night (got stuck in wrong continent), but I assure you it’ll be worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

The Animated Journal will be showing sometime somewhere.

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