Too Art for TV’s Experimental Film Exhibit Retrospective.


The Big Screen Project is pleased to present:Too Art for TV’s Experimental Film Exhibit Retrospective.

Opening reception TODAY April 14th 2011, 7pm.  Indoor viewing at Food Parc and Public Plaza – 851 6th AveOutdoor viewing at 6th Ave Bet. 29th and 30th Streets

Big Screen Project (Chelsea, NY), in collaboration with Too Art for TV, is proud to host Too Art for TV: Experimental Film Exhibit Retrospective. 11 artists – some of whom have exhibited with Too Art for TV in the past, and some who are presently part of the exhibit Too Art for TV 5 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), will screen together for one hour on Big Screen Project’s large open air screen in Chelsea, NY.

Too Art for TV is an annual fine art show for the animation industry. Experimental film has been part of Too Art’s vision since the exhibit started in 2006, but due to the crowded openings, Too Art’s film content can often times be difficult to experience. With Big Screen’s presentation of Too Art for TV’s Experimental Film Exhibit Retrospective, Too Art’s artists can enjoy a larger-than-life vehicle for their film and animation musings.

by Eric Leiser

by Brad Mossman

Teenage Lovesong
by Conor O’Kelly Lynch

Spare Time
by Edmond Hawkins

OK I’ll Let You Go
by Greg Condon

Animated Journal
by Paul Greer

Erodium II
by David Montgomery

Aesthetic Species Maps
by David Montgomery

A Self Portrait 1981 – 2009
by Jimmy Calhoun

The Bellows March
by Eric Dyer

by Laurie O’Brian

That’s tonight, Brooklyn people. They’ll be showing the Animated Journal amongst some other probably more excellent work.

If you’re in the neighbourhood please check it out.

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