This is the Electronical Rattle Bag…

I’m Burningfp.

I work at BDH making CGI for television programmes, and in my spare time I play with animation.

There is a scrapbook where I collect interesting things I like from the internet, but there is some of my stuff here too.

There are some house rules.

The nature of what I do means there is often not much to show because I only finish a handful of things a year, therefore I tend to remain overly cagey about what I get up to. That is not deliberate, it’s just the way it turned out.

I intend to show a bit more of what I do here, personally and professionally, so for people following me for my excellent taste in people and art, be warned, there will be a substantial shift in quality of this feed.

I also tweet, Google+, and there is a Facebook page if you like that kind of thing.

If you need any work doing you can contact my employer.

Alternatively you can ask me questions here, or email me, if want to keep it secret (I don’t guarantee a response).

I wish all followers the very best for the next few weeks, I know late December can be unbearable for some people, for so many different reasons. Try to believe in yourself and don’t let people control how you feel. Do that and we should all get through it in one piece.

Kind Regards.


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