BAFTA nomination for #WondersOfTheUniverse


OK, I’ve had a cup of tea and a slice of cake so I’m slightly calmer now, I’ll explain a bit more fully:
I work at BDH making CGI for television, which can involve making all sorts of things, from visualizing thought to animating bouncing sex toys.

Last year we were lucky enough to work on a miraculous programme called “Wonders of the Universe“, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, and produced by the BBC.

For someone who grew up on Carl Sagan, Star Trek and Doctor Who it was a very special experience for me personally.

I was largely responsible for star surfaces, coronal loops and solar flares.

So now the work we did has been nominated for a Visual Effects award at the Television Craft BAFTAs, alongside Great Expectations, Inside the Human Body, and… DOCTOR WHO.
So today couldn’t really get more awesome.

(There is 15 minute edit of just the work we did here, with music by Timo Baker (full screen, head phones on please)):

and a lovely playlist of clips from the actual series here:

in case you are unfamiliar with it’s magic.

Did I mention I just had cake?

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