Rise Of The Continents


Rise Of The Continents, which we did extensive work for at BDH, is currently airing at 9pm on BBC2 on Sundays. If you are in the UK you can catch up with the whole series here on the iPlayer.

There is also some words on the process on the BBC website:

“The first stop was to understand and interpret the geological data. The production team at the BBC approached Professor Christopher Scotese, a leading expert in paleogeology from the University of Texas and creator of the Paleomap Project. This virtual reconstruction is a thirty year undertaking which aims to map the changing distribution of land and sea. By combining data from various fields of earth science, he mapped the movement and formation of our continents over the last billion years.

With Professor Scotese acting as a scientific advisor to the programme, the graphics team were able to use the geological data relating to land and plate tectonics to build the graphics. By subsequently playing with colour, size and special lens effects, the team created bold CGI sequences that would help clearly explain how the Earth works.”

Read more here.

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