Project Ethel (27.05.14 – 07.01.16): Pages 1-8

Beginning a large project of uploading old notebook pages. These are not high res scans as that would considerably increase the amount of time needed, so these would have to do for now.

These are all generally going up on Instagram first.

Ethel Spread 1
Opening page of Notebook: Ethel. I’m going to be uploading notebooks in a more systematic fashion (with sensitive info deleted obvs). Notebook Ethel is a few years old. This is before I started using the first page spread as an index for the rest of the book. So the lists here are largely inspirational items and ideas of content capture. There’s not much order and I tend to fill empty spaces with bits of ephemera stuck in and doodles.
Clifton windows, lists and words.
This is a systematic uploading.
Notebook: Ethel Spread 2
First drafts, mug drawing, rough mind map, comics and a quote from Lynda Barry.
It’s along the lines of: “I’ve come to regard comics as something like a song. It can be about anything. We can address all sorts of things in a song, love gone wrong, truck driving, Daddies, smoking, boots, birthdays, cheating, space travel, big butts, revenge, war, a turkey in the straw, regret, genders, hands, purple haze . We can this way we can make comics about anything.” – Although I did write it down in a hurry!
Notebook: Ethel Spread 4.
Daily mini-maps, plans for website, doodles and the like.
Notebook: Ethel Spread 5.
Preliminary notes on Shark Brains, Art Speigelman on Maus: “Reality is too complex for any media” “Ironic Distance” “Fourth Wall” “Blank expressions allow the reader to impose their own” “I draw my comics one to one” “The past and the present intertwining, simultaneously in the same space” …& Ray Bradbury on writing: “Libraries are full of people not books” “Love what you do. Do what you love” “I don’t write the book, my characters write the book, they come to me and they tell me” “Stand on the top of the cliff, jump off, build your wings on the way down.” etc…
Notes for a very short film called “Bevel’s Nub” that appeared in the @strangealtars project a while back.
Marker pen, biro, pencil.
Notebook: Ethel. Spread 7.
Mind Map of the early days with Arnold and Maya before he full recent integration.
Mind Map on understanding Linear Colour Space within Maya and Arnold back when we first started using it.