365 – Buses and Bus Stops, the first of many, perhaps.


208 208/365
Attempt to draw the inside of the bus on a very bumpy ride and with a short pencil found in the bottom of a coat pocket.(➡️➡️➡️). Excuses excuses.
Always make sure you have the right equipment with you, is today’s lesson.
Did also learn that the inside of a First West bus is way more complicated than I originally thought.
Notebook: Beto
20 mins
Pencil (short)
🚌 ✏️ 😬
209/365 Bus Stop drawing. Silver birches on the Queens Road. Due to the workplace shift and commuting adjustment expect a lot more bus stop themed sketching. It’s the only time I get the time, if you catch my drift. There’s plenty to see at each one. 🚌 🌳 ✍️
82a80f28-045f-4265-9f20-dce4e56eaced 210/365
More Bus Stop drawings.
Another tree and a broken fence atop a brick wall from this morning.
Notebook: Beto
Coloured biro with very cold fingers.
20 mins
📓 🌳 🚌
211/365 Bus Stop drawings. Poorly executed renditions of municipal infrastructure. It’s done though. Notebook: Beto Biro and V-ball. #bfp 🚦🚏✍️


Charcuterie à gogo!

One of the great legacies of Tumblr was this huge international friendship group we’ve built.
Here is a picture of the excellent @jacquelinedear holding up a serving tray with my drawing “One Hour on the 11:30 from Bristol Temple Meads” she had just received from @society6. How wonderful is that?!
Thank you so much, Jackie, I hope you have lots of great times with the tray. ❤️🙏🎉

Project Ethel (27.05.14 – 07.01.16): Pages 40-47

This is the last set of pages from Notebook Ethel. Now they’re all up I’ll have to update it’s homepage.

It’s been really interesting going through an old book like this and systematically posting everything I can. I have more, so after a short break I’ll begin again on Myrtle.

Notebook Ethel, spread forty. Garbage writing, Cornish undergrowth, and office dog drawings (three varieties). 🌿🐕✍️
Notebook Ethel, Spread forty-one. Kitchen still life in biro, Clifton windows, garbage writing (obscured) and @3dtimmy’s coat. 🥛 🏠 🧥
GlassAndListPageNotebook Ethel, Spread forty-two. Kitchen still life in biro, Clifton windows, garbage writing (obscured) and @3dtimmy’s coat. 🥛 🏠 🧥
Notebook Ethel, Spread Forty-Three. Drawing of sandcastles, Cornish life guard hut and people on the beach. Also notes and a small diagram doodles whilst explaining UV layout to son. 🏖 🏰 🏊‍♀️
LightHousePageNotebook Ethel, spread Forty-Four. More Cornish drawings, Godrevy Ligjthouse, garbage writing and stables. ✍️ 💡 🐴
FanPageFBNotebook Ethel, spread forty- five. To do lists, mini mind maps, drawings of family shoes and desk fan. 👞 🕷 🗺
Notebook: Ethel, spread forty-six. Horse and rider drawings from life, went on to become the animation I have in my current pinned tweet. About 40 mins. Pencil and fountain pen. 🐎 🖊 🎞
Notebook Ethel: Spread Forty-Seven. It’s the last page from Ethel!! Classic work page. I do not usually share work stuff but this is all non-descript information on creating landscapes from DEM data. 🕸 🏔 ✏️