“If you read, you’ll judge” – The Journals of Kurt Cobain

“I like to calmly and rationally discuss my views in a conformist manor even though I consider myself to the extreme left.

I like to infiltrate the mechanics of a system by posing as one of them, then slowly start the rot from the inside of the empire.”

— Kurt Cobain

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Stan.Brakhage – Persian Series 1-3

“1) This hand-painted and elaborately step-printed work begins with a flourish of reds and yellows and purples in palpable fruit-like shapes intersperced by darkness, then becomes lit lightning-like by sharp multiply-colored twigs-of shape, all resolving into shapes of decay. 2) Multiple thrusts and then retractions of oranges, reds, blues, and the flickering, almost black, textural dissolves suggesting an amalgam approaching script. 3) Dark, fast-paced symmetry in mixed weave of tones moving from oranges & yellows to blue-greens, then retreating (dissolves of zooming away) to both rounded and soft-edged shapes shot with black. 4) Elaborate petal-like, stamen-and-stem-like, multicolored flowers rising in white space until the whole field is as if crushed by floral designs in madly-swift mixtures of every conceivable previous (in the PERSIAN SERIES) shape, evolving back to brilliant petals against what was as at beginning of #4. 5) Dark blood red slow shifting tones (often embedded in dark) / (often shot-thru with parallel wave-like lines) composed of all previous shapes AND flowers as if trying, linierally, to evolve a glyph-script.”



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“Where We Find Ourselves” – The Lost and Found Photography of Hugh Mangum

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“The sitters who moved in and out of Hugh Mangum’s view between 1897 and 1922 smiled, laughed, and daydreamed; they threw their arms around or leaned upon one another; they wore their best dresses and fanciest hats, or they wore coarse cloth and stood barefoot. In an era of racial terror, as Jim Crow tightened its grip on the South, Mangum set up makeshift studios across North Carolina and Virginia (sometimes just a tent outside of town) that were open to white and black sitters alike. A gangly white man with an appealingly unkempt mustache, Mangum often used a Penny Picture camera, designed to capture up to thirty exposures on a single glass plate. Sitters would line up and take their places in front of the camera; Mangum would charm and cajole them, shifting the plate a little bit for each new exposure. The result, inadvertent but still provocative, is a record of how much daily life and experience was shared by the people whom racist American custom and law treated as separate.”

Sarah Blackwood


Notepad 2019 week 13-14

  • How the Women of Captain Marvel Plan to Conquer Hollywood, Together
  • “The morning after Captain Marvel premiered in Los Angeles—but before the Brie Larson vehicle hit cineplexes around the world—the comic-book writer credited with shaping the current version of Carol Danvers, Kelly Sue DeConnick, had one very clear wish: “We live in a capitalist culture. What makes money is valued. I want this to make a lot of money, because it will change the way that people think about women. We could pretend we don’t live in a world where [that is true], but what’s the point?””
  • Comics Train: 2 – WARREN ELLIS LTD
  • I accidentally sort of invented a weird cheap comics format in 2005.
  • Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. NASA ought to go back for that shit. – Vox
  • “It’s been nearly 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing. Neil Armstrong’s iconic footprint is still there, undisturbed; there’s no atmosphere, no wind on the moon to blow it away.”
  • Channel 4 chooses Bristol’s Finzels Reach as the home of its new Creative Hub | Channel 4
  • “Peter Walford, director at Cubex, said: “We are thrilled that Channel 4 has chosen Finzels Reach as the new home of its Creative Hub. This move is hugely significant for the city, far beyond the size of the hub itself, and testament to its thriving television and production industry. This comes after other creative companies including BDH and OUTLAW announced their move to Finzels Reach, paving the way for the creation of a creative and media business hub within the quarter. We have paid careful attention to nurturing a thriving community within this once forgotten part of the city, and it’s fantastic to see the area now coming into its own.””
  • Found: fossil ‘mother lode’ created by asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs
  • “Scientists in the US say they have discovered the fossilised remains of a mass of creatures that died minutes after a huge asteroid hit the Earth 66m years ago, sealing the fate of the dinosaurs.”





“All The Names They Used For God” by Anjali Sechdeva

Beautiful, terrible, rebellious, dreamlike. A lovely collection of short stories vary from the good to the very excellent. Recommended if you like your realism magical.

I found this quote by the author in a recent interview:

“Some people would argue that writing stories about rebellious people is not actually an act of rebellion, but I believe those people underestimate the extent to which we internalize a story that really moves us. In the introduction to her novel The Rending and the Nest (Bloomsbury, 2018) Kaethe Schwehn writes, “The most dangerous thing of all is the absence of a story, a narrative to explain what is happening to you … Because someone will always arrive to invent one. Then you will be at the whim of someone else’s story…” I absolutely agree with that, and I think there’s a lot of hope to be found in reading stories where you see people fight back against injustice and ugliness.”

..and on endings:

“My endings definitely evolve as I write the story. They are almost always the last thing I write, and it’s not at all uncommon for me to write three or four different endings before I find one that I’m satisfied with (to say nothing of the additional revisions where I fiddle with the ending to try to get the pacing and the cadence and the final note just right). I have heard some great writers say they always or often write their endings first, or at least know what the ending is going to be when they start out, but I am almost never in that position.”

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All The Name They Use For God” – US/UK


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680A Sad Not so Sad Is Rainshine – From Rainday on a Rainy Day — Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1970)

“Transautomatism is a modern style of painting, founded by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It is a kind of surrealism, focusing on the viewer’s fantasy rather than an objective interpretation. Different people see different things in the same picture. The artist’s intention is less pertinent to the end experience, therefore, than how the viewer chooses to interpret it. Transautomatism is based on the different styles which Hundertwasser developed, e.g. spirals and ‘drops’.”

“Transautomatism is about Hundertwasser’s theory that straight lines are ‘godless and immoral’. That as humans we have lost our connection to the organic geometry of nature by forcing ourselves to exist in boxes as homes. He believed in the fluidity of line and shape hence his architectural and painting style. Being educated in a Montessori school his self-directed learning came from nature and therefore his drive to return to colour and organic states.”