Mission Statement 08/02/2016


My name is Paul Greer I work at BDH Design and Direction in Bristol making computer animation for the television and other formats. I live in the West of England. I am married with three children.

In my spare time (distant laughter) I draw, write and play with animation.

I started this blog nearly ten years ago as a mixture of a scrapbook of internet things, a log of my professional work, and an archive of my more personal art and drawings.

My main interests are animation and investigating different ways of telling stories with pictures. I also like to post about music, tech, film, friends, politics and comics.

This is a very exciting time with regards to story telling and the ways those stories are disseminated so I would like to connect with people who have a similar interest in radiant experiments with media, and who might like share what we can offer to that project.

As well as this I would like to use this blog as a research station and personal feedback loop to reinforce and encourage my creative life, hopefully providing a resource and point of encouragement to readers as well.

Here is a gallery of the some of work I have been part of or have been fortunate enough to make myself.

Fortune: “Done is better than perfect”.